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Welcome to the beginning!

Yes the beginning! If you have just completed both the BASIC and ADVANCED SKYWARN modules, and read all of those links on the previous page, you should have a good understanding of what chasing is all about, storms in general, and maybe a little about forecasting.

So why do I say "Welcome to the beginning"? Because even with all that, your chase knowledge is only beginning. It's time to embark on a great adventure to chase down and observe some of the most spectacular sights that nature has to offer!

Now you need to find a chaser to get some practical experience with. Don't chase without one your first season at least.

You might check back to this site sometime in the future. When more time is available, I want to add some more to the chasing area here, especially about forecasting and picking target areas, as well as storm approach has been suggested.

Good Luck! Chase safe! And above all, learn something and enjoy the hobby! Enjoy the weather, it's the only weather you got!


If you got something out of all this or it helped you in some way. This represents many hours of work, not only of myself, but also the authors of those websites/pages that I link to, and those that contributed image to be used here. I would love to hear when someone has furthered their education from all these efforts here! I realize that some information needs updating. I am hoping for a major overhaul to this website in Winter 2019-20 prior to the 2020 severe weather season.
DISCLAIMER: Storm spotting/chasing has the potential to be a life threatening activity. The material presented here is for educational purposes only. You are strongly suggested to contact someone in your area about getting official SKYWARN training and riding along with someone with spotting/chasing experience before ever attempting to do so on your own. By viewing the material contained within, you agree that you alone are accept responsibility for what you do with this information.
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