Before beginning the SKYWARN Basic Module, you might want to familiarize yourself with the terms you will see and hear throughout your chasing/spotting experience. Most of them can be found in the glossary. A link will be provided to the glossary on each page, to let you review new terms. Also the first thing you need to read, is the Safety Guide. These are basic storm safety things you have to know. Clicking on the below links will open the glossary and safety guides in separate window so you don't lose your place. Just close that window when you are ready to continue.
DISCLAIMER: Storm spotting/chasing has the potential to be a life threatening activity. The material presented here is for educational purposes only. You are strongly suggested to contact someone in your area about getting official SKYWARN training and riding along with someone with spotting/chasing experience before ever attempting to do so on your own. By viewing the material contained within, you agree that you accept full responsibility for what you do with this information.
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