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This site originally was coded in 2003 and was a project to help me learn html coding. Clearly it's showing its age here in 2019. To add to that, it was hacked at some point and I just discovered it today. It appears the sum of the damage as to insert some random and questionable links embedded within various texts of this site. Also, the entire ADVANCED section had been deleted. I believe I have removed all of the damage at this time and restored the ADVANCED section. I also took the opportunity to remove some bad links that have since vanished into the internet netherworlds. The only ads you should be seeing on this site now are from Google and Amazon. They help pay for the web hosting and bandwidth for this site and usually ends up being about $10 a month in ad revenue. If you find anything you think I might have missed in the defacing, please find me on facebook and let me know. https://www.facebook.com/David.Drummond.TX/

I have long wanted to modernize this site, make it mobile friendly, and with progressive education modules (complete with a certificate when you pass a (gasp) test!), update photos and texts, and include videos. I have really hoping to make that a reality (somewhere in between getting my bachelors degree and work) this winter 2019-20. In the mean time, there is still much you can learn here, please enjoy. ~David Drummond, Site Owner

Please be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, then choose a module.

Basic Spotter Module

SKYWARN Storm Spotter Basic Severe Weather Training Guide.

This section is for those with little or no knowledge of thunderstorm structure. Beginners start here!

Advanced Spotter Module

SKYWARN Storm Spotter Advanced Severe Weather Training Guide.

This section is for those that have some basic thunderstorm structure knowledge and want to build upon that. Prerequisite: BASIC MODULE

Storm Chasing 101


This is for those who can meet all of the above requirements for SKYWARN Storm Spotter Basic and Advanced Guides. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of storm structure elements, terms, and different types of storms. These things will not be covered here and you may be lost if you don't know them.


DISCLAIMER: Storm spotting/chasing has the potential to be a life threatening activity. The material presented here is for educational purposes only. You are strongly suggested to contact someone in your area about getting official SKYWARN training and riding along with someone with spotting/chasing experience before ever attempting to do so on your own. By viewing the material contained within spotterguides.us, you agree that you alone are accept responsibility for what you do with this information.
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