Originally this site started out as a section of However, I wanted to update it with some newer images than the original printed guides contained, which is where the base material for this site came from. I solicited images from Storm Chasers and Spotters and got an excellent response, as you can tell by looking through the pages here. It is my wish that this will continue to evolve, especially the storm chasing section, and be an everlasting resource for those interested in getting started storm spotting or chasing. At it's heart, this site is the Storm Spotter Guides Online. The chasing section was added for two reasons. One, a great place to get started learning about chasing is to take some spotter classes. Two, many spotters often get observing severe weather in their blood and evolve into storm chasing at some point. I hope you gain a lot of useful information from this site. Please link to it and share it with others!  My undying thanks to all those who have contributed material to make this site as great as it is!


David Drummond WX5TVS

Those with a * were part of the original printed Storm Spotter Guides. 

Brian Morganti
John Farley
Rob Satkus
Matt Hartman
Rachel Humphrey
Mike E. Brown
Dr. Jason Persoff M.D.
Dr. Eric Flescher
Andrew Revering
Nathan Hitchens
David Drummond
*George Kuikendall
*Alan Moller
*Dr. Charles Doswell
*National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)
*National Weather Service (NWS)
*National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Those with a * were part of the original printed Storm Spotter Guides.

*The official NOAA Storm Spotters Guide
*The official NOAA Advanced Storm Spotters Guide
NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS SR-145 compiled by Michael Branick, NOAA/WFO Norman
Dr. Jason Persoff M.D.
David Drummond

Much of the printed material was derived from the printed versions Official NOAA Storm Spotters Guide and the Official NOAA Advanced Storm Spotters Guide. The SKYWARN logo is produced by the U.S. Department of Commerce/NOAA. All of the aforementioned material is in the public domain for U.S. citizens.
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